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BuildTrack offers the widest range of Touch Switches that are a unique combination of Art and Technology. These Touch Switches also comply with the highest global safety certifications. They are available both in Wired and WiFi versions.

These switches are the only ones awarded the prestigious INDIA DESIGN MARK for good design. Our BUILD YOUR SWITCH app allows you to combine different choices of switch types, sizes, fascia and frames. Since they are Smart Touch Switches, they can be operated by touch, Smart App or Voice Assistants.

BuildTrack offers Smart Touch Switches in 2 different themes that are available as INFINITY SERIES & DESIGNER SERIES switches. The 2 series differ in the artistic flexibility they offer and in the sizes that they are available.

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Spectacular Designs

The frames, outer panels and insert module which are the visual elements of the switch are available in various colours and finishes. These unlimited and striking design choices enhance the look of any walls and spaces that they serve.

The switches offer a broad range of modules to meet the functional needs of any room, including a variety of accessories that are typically needed as part of a switch panel.

modern touch light switches

Build Your Switch

Use our SMART TOUCH SWITCH app that allows you to build your switch so that you can mix and match various colours and finishes to satisfy your requirements. It also allows you to place it against wall images or wall colours to see the overall look it enables.

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BuildTrack's Keypads bring to the life the capability to enable Profiles with a single touch. A Profile allows multiple switches to operate and enable a pre-planned scene in a room.

Switches or status of switches assigned to Profiles can be changed from the Smart App. This allows Keypads to be highly flexible and allows you to change what any key on the Keypad will do, so that it can adapt to your changing needs.

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