DESIGNER SERIES is a unique offering of Smart Touch Switches from BuildTrack that can replace existing switches that sit on traditional backboxes or can be used in new homes to enhance the ambience of your rooms, like works of art.

These switches allow control of lighting, dimming, lighting colour tunability, fan speed, curtain and blinds. They also come with a broad range of accessories that are typically needed to complement the switches in a switch panel.

The DESIGNER SERIES is available both in Wired and WiFi deployment options. The smart touch switches also provide two way control of lights.

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Existing Switches

The DESIGNER SERIES Smart Touch Switches can be mounted over existing flush-mounted (Indian sized) boxes as a replacement for conventional toggle switches.

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Available in
Different Sizes

The switches are available in various sizes that match many of your existing switch panels. Explore the various sizes, colours and functional choices on our SMART TOUCH SWITCH app that is available in Google Play and iOS App stores. The App allows you to Build Your Switch so that you can mix and match various colours and finishes to satisfy your requirements.

Use links below to take you to the SMART TOUCH SWITCH App to Build your Switch

App Store
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Using the App mentioned above you can explore the choices of Colour combinations that can work best with your chosen wall colours to create the desired ambience for your rooms.

Since multiple colours are available for every visible element of the switch- outer frame, inner frame, outer panel and inner panel. The design choices are unlimited. Use the SMART TOUCH SWITCH App to unleash your designer and Build Your Switch.

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The DESIGNER SERIES offers you the unique ability to select different materials in the outer panel of the switch. The choices of finishes such as Glass, Matte and Metal allow you to create a unique look that you seek for your walls. Given the myriad of combinations it is possible to make your switch look like no one else's. A truly distinctive piece of art on your wall, that brings together the desired form and function to your home.

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