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BuildTrack Touch Switches add to the ambience of every room. The vibrant colors offered in the touch glass along with the metallic luster of the bordering frames can serve to complement or contrast any wall color as desired. The leading edge technology offers residents of the home every comfort and convenience to ensure that the lighting, fans, AC and other appliances work together just as they intend using either Smart Apps, Voice, Remotes or Sensor technologies offered by BuildTrack.

Home Automation Systems are better with Smart Touch Switches

The allure of smart home automation systems is unmistakable. It is the equivalent of having a virtual assistant who takes care of many things for you by providing the convenience of automatically turning on or off your lighting and other devices when you arrive or leave home. Opening your curtains automatically on schedule when you wake up or go to bed or unlocking your front door simply by voice command.

You can redefine the levels of luxury and convenience in your home with smart home automation & now smart touch switches can be an integral part of such systems. Such systems revolutionize the convenience and comfort levels by allowing you to control all the appliances in your home with smart apps or voice control Our range of smart switches allows you to control lighting, fans, ACs, geysers, curtains, blinds and more.

We make it easy to install Smart Switches for Homes

The installation process of Smart Home Automation via Smart Touch Switches is easy when you have a professional installation team from BuildTrack or one of our certified partners. For our Wi-fi touch switches, there is no additional wiring needed, and for the wired smart touch switches, the system fits within the same conduit that your electrical cable uses, so there is no additional conducting cost. We collaborate with your electricians to make sure that we seamlessly work together to enable the Smart Touch Switch based Home automation in your home. The ideal retrofit option for existing homes or redecorating homes with no option for wiring is our Wi-fi Touch Switch product range.

Use Alexa Home Automation Skills for Voice Control of Switches

Voice assistants like Alexa and Google Home Assistant allow for a truly hands-free experience to Home Automation and to operate BuildTrack’s Smart Touch Switches It is the natural equivalent of having a valet in your home who will operate the Smart Touch Switches when you don’t feel the urge to get up and do it yourself.

BuildTrack has developed voice skills for both Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Home Assistant that enable them to be used with our Alexa Home Automation. They allow you to call out the names that you give the switches or the rooms or even the profiles that you have created for multiple Smart Touch Switches to operate them. So next time you are asking these voice assistants to play your favourite tunes, you can also ask them to trigger the profile that sets the right lighting and AC temperature so that you can relax in an ambience to match your music.

Touch Switches support diverse Home Lighting Automation options

Lighting in homes used to be simply either incandescent or fluorescent lighting that just turned on or off. Now home lighting comes with a plethora of choices with LED downlighters, LED strip lights, track lights, magnetic strip lights, chandeliers and more. They also come with RGB (red-greenblue) colour options or white light, which one can tune from warm to cool white colour temperatures. BuildTrack Smart Switches for Home offer the option for both dimming and tunability and work with the LED drivers that are needed for these lights to operate.

Our Smart App allows you the option also to change the RGB colours or the colour temperature for such LED lights. The operation of these lights can be made part of a profile so that you can trigger a group of lights to give the appropriate mood setting. The enormous range of choices that these current lighting technologies offer makes it appropriate to consider Home Lighting Automation to easily arrive at your desired settings for each part of the day.

Now is the time to try the best Home Automation Solution

We know that there are many choices and options to consider when you are deciding between Home Automation Solutions. We offer the best combination of Smart Touch Switches for Home and Home Automation that is both aesthetically pleasing and reliable as well as flexible enough to add on to as your needs change over time.

Our range of Smart Touch Switches uses the latest technology and carries the highest level of IEC global safety certifications. BuildTrack Touch Switches are the only ones that have been awarded the prestigious ‘India Design Mark’ by the India Design Council. Our Smart Apps are unique in the industry as they offer both a list and a 360degree visual format for Smart Touch Switch control. Our ‘Build Your Switch’ option offers one of the broadest choices of colours and functional uses that any Smart Touch Switch offers. Our keypads and multi-channel dimmers, and multi-curtain switches are unique products in the market with the ability to offer a small footprint on your walls while packing in all the necessary features. The choice of wired or Wi-fi enabled Smart to touch switches allows the flexibility to deploy your choice of technology based on your constraints. We make living comfortable through our Home Automation Solutions by introducing seamless control of your lighting, fans, AC, curtains and more.




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