Wireless Smart Switch

BuildTrack WiFi Smart Touch Switches offer elegance that glass touch switches bring to your home along with the ease of deployment due to their wireless nature. These switches can wirelessly connect with your Wifi routers to be operated by Smart App or through Voice Assistants like Alexa and Google, in addition to of course physical touch.

BuildTrack offers these switches in a broad range of sizes, glass colours, metal frame borders and of course the functionality so that you can 'Build Your Switch' to fit the needs of your home. The switches can be used for on/off control, dimming of various kinds of lights, curtain and blind control, fan speed control, high-capacity control (e.g. geysers). One can even accommodate a host of accessories (e.g. plug points, USB sockets) so that all your requirements can be accommodated as you 'BUILD YOUR SWITCH'.

Are you considering making your home into a Smart Home?

Then you must put WiFi Smart Touch Switches on the top of your list.

The most common switch of the past generation are the toggle switches which were able to be operated only through the physical toggle. With recent advances in technology the next generation of switches are able to communicate via WiFi and allow you to see their status or change their status over Smart Apps from within your home or even remotely over the internet. Our Wifi Smart Touch Switches are also made of tempered glass and operate to a feather touch, thereby making them aesthetically and functionally elegant. Voice assistants such as Alexa or Google Home can be used to operate BuildTrack WiFi touch switches.

WiFi Smart Switches work in existing homes

Imagine that you can control traditional wall switches connected over your home Wi-Fi network and it is enabled to control home lighting, fans, curtains and other electrical devices through a voice assistant or a smart app on your mobile phone or tablet.

Sounds great, right? This is the simple definition of a Wi-Fi smart switch. Due to Wi-Fi-controlled switches, you will always feel connected to your home,. We offer the best Wi-Fi smart switches that can not only automate your home but also add to the aesthetics of your home. Since you can also show you the status of the switch on your Smart App, you will never have to wonder if you left your light on when you left the home as you can always see the status and turn the light off .

Our Wi-Fi switches work both on local Wi-Fi that is already present in most homes and if your wi-fi has an internet connection then you can control the switches remotely over the internet even when you are far away from your home.

Install Wireless Smart Switch in your Home

Installing BuildTrack's Smart Touch Switch provides many benefits; Here's why?

  • Multiple devices like lighting, fans, geysers, curtains, blinds, projectors and more can all be controlled via Wifi Touch Switches.
  • For lighting it offers multiple functionalities like dimming and for LEDs it also offers RGB colour change and white tuneability.
  • All Wi-Fi touch switches from us can be controlled from a single Smart App. All you need do is to install a Smart app on your mobile device or tablet with appropriate and network connectivity.
  • Apart from turning off individual Smart Switches or using them for individually dimming lights, these Switches can be grouped together as Profiles on your Smart App and then triggered together to create the scene that you desire from either your Smart App or Voice Assistant.
  • "Amazon's Alexa" or Google Home Assistant can turn on the light with just one voice command to welcome you home after a long day of work. You don't have to cast your phone's torchlight to spot the switches in a pitch-dark room anymore! This is an especially helpful and safer feature for senior citizens in the home if they have to get up at night.
  • You can set schedules for each of the Wi-fi Touch Switches so that the lighting, curtains, TV and other devices turn on/off at appropriate times for your convenience.

With all these cool features that a Wireless Smart Switch can provide, you will enjoy with the added convenience and comfort of your home.!




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