touch light switch with integrated touch control feature

Smart Apps

BuildTrack Switches can be operated using the highly visual Smart App that provides access to the switches within a 360 degree panoramic photograph of the room. The highly visual setting enables users to easily identify and control the appliances that are linked to the switches like lighting, fans, curtains or blinds. The switch LED reflects the status of the device even when it is operated by the App.

mirror touch sensor switch with smart apps controlled option


BuildTrack Switches can be operated using Voice Assistants, like Google (Home) and Amazon (Alexa). Any switch setup using the Smart App or even combinations of switches (Profiles) can be operated through Voice Commands. The switch LED reflects the status of the device even when it is operated by the voice.

touch dimmer switch with alexa voice controlled
touch smart switch with voice controlled
touch control switch with voice assistant


BuildTrack Switches can be operated using Remote control. A single remote switch can be easily programmed to control multiple switches, and reprogrammed anytime. The switch LED reflects the status of the device even when it is operated by the Remote.

touch sensor switch with remote controlled option
touch switch

Two-way and Three-way
Switch Configuration

BuildTrack Switches are the only touch switches in the world to offer both 2-way and 3-way option so that the same device can be operated from multiple switches. It also can be operated by App, Voice or Remote. All the switch LED change status to reflect the actual appliance status.

3 way AI touch Switches
Buildtrack Offers 2 & 3 ways touch button switch


BuildTrack Switches can be operated by schedules set on the Smart App. Either individual switches can be turned on or off, or profiles consisting of multiple switches can be scheduled for convenience.

touch light switch for lamps with scheduled option
glass touch light switch


BuildTrack Wireless Motion Sensors can be easily paired with BuildTrack Touch Switches to allow the switch to be operated automatically when motion is sensed and turned off when no motion is sensed for a specified period.

touch button switch enabled  with sensor

Status Indicator

BuildTrack Switch LED’s are unique in their ability to correctly display the status of the appliances they control. This is irrespective of the method used to trigger the switches – physical touch, smart App, Voice Assistant or Remote.

touch sensitive switch with status indicator
modern touch light switches

Feather Touch

BuildTrack Touch Switches are designed to operate with a very light touch. Being made of tempered glass they are very robust and have a surface that can be easily cleaned to keep looking like they are brand new over time.

feather touch lamp switch

Low Voltage &
Chamfered Edges

BuildTrack Touch Switches are low voltage switches and so unlike conventional switches they are very safe to touch even if the hands have moisture on them. They are therefore very child-friendly as well.

touch on off switch with shockproof