Dimmer Light Switches

Lighting is one of the most important facets of a home. The room's light level has a tremendous effect on how the home feels to the occupants. Different daily settings we encounter, require different amounts of lighting. These can vary from movie time to a romantic dinner or to a party atmosphere or simply a quiet reading time. Dimming of the lights is a key element of achieving these various levels of lighting ambience. The Touch Switch System used to control these various requirements must be quite flexible and allow for a broad range of lighting option. BuildTrack offers a broad variety of dimming options that range from multi-channel dimmers to RGB lighting control switches to touch switches that can control tunable lights while dimming them.

Which Dimmer Switches are applicable for your home?

The nature of the Dimmer Switches that you will use depends on the nature of the lighting you plan to use in different parts of your home. In earlier days the choices were simply between fluorescent lighting or incandescent lighting. Of these, only the incandescent light bulbs could be dimmed. But now the range of lighting has expanded considerably. There are various forms of LED lighting such as: LED strips; Downlighters; RGB LED strips; and Tunable LED lighting. These may be applied in coves or wall mounts or ceiling-mount in homes to provide the perfect mood creation. Most of the LED lighting will require the use of LED drivers that are essential to allow them to be dimmed and to supply them with the right power that they would need to function.

BuildTrack Touch Switches allows control of a wide variety of these LED lights and their drivers our dimmer light switches which work by touch, smart app and voice to create the desired lighting.

What is special about Dimmer Switches for LED lights?

While most conventional incandescent and dimmer switches for LED lights tend to have the option of increasing or decreasing the intensity of light, the newer LEDs are tunable for different white colours and many LED strips have the option to create a desired colour by mixing RGB (red-green-blue).

Different work or relaxation situation specific lighting can be created through just variations in white light. That is what tunable LEDs offer, the ability to bathe the room in white colours that range from warm white to cool white. These can help create the ambience that suits your mood such as daylight or cool white while working on important tasks or to the more mellow and dusky warm whites when chilling and reading a book or browsing your favourite social feed. While RGB LED strips do not offer such "dimming" options, they offer something the ability to create the mood colour lighting by selecting the levels of red, green and blue that mix together. Usually RGB LEDs are used inside coves, to help alter the mood of the room through the light and colours they reflect on the ceiling. Whether it is for a movie night when you prefer faint background lighting of your or for a bright colourful party situation, the RGB LED strips provide a way to do that. While the dimmer switch for LED lights allows the LED strip to be turned on or off, it is the smart app that allows you to choose the mix of colours for the LED display. BuildTrack's switches allow through such a Smart App.

Do Light Dimmer Switches occupy more wall space?

Typically, Light Dimmers Switches do occupy more wall space, but not in the case of BuildTrack's Smart Touch Switches, which also offer a small footprint option. Since the need of multiple lights having to be dimmed is commonly required for living and dining areas of a home, BuildTrack has developed multi-channel dimmers, which offer upto 3 dimmers in a single module switch. This can significantly shrink the wall areas used by switch panels in the living room to leave you a lot more space for wall decor.

Do Dimmer Switches come in wireless option?

Dimmer light switches are available both in wired and wifi options. The wifi options are mostly applicable if you have already established electrical wiring in place. Many people switch to LEDs with the same existing wiring they used for their conventional CFL or incandescent lights and then want to install dimmer switches. While it is possible to do, it is also important to remember that LED's are connected to drivers for dimming and the wires from the driver have to be connected to the dimmers switches. As long as those wires can be connected to Dimmer Touch Switch, they can be installed. So, while the communication to the Dimmer switch from your Smart App can be wireless, it is important to remember that there is wiring required from the LED driver to the dimmer switches.

Do Light Dimmer Switches work with Alexa Home Automation?

Single Channel Dimmers Switches of BuildTrack's can be controlled by Alexa and Google Home Automation skills. Control of lights connected to the single channel dimmer, including the level of dimming can be easily achieved by voice commands like "Alexa, dim the bedroom light to 50%".

If you are trying to control multiple lights with a single command then BuildTrack Smart Apps allow you to create a profile where you preset each dimmer to your desired level of dimming and name that profile, say for example as, "my best lighting". Now you can talk to Google Home Assistant to simply say "Turn on my best lighting" and all the lights come on to the exact setting you created in that profile.

Why should you consider Light Dimmer Switches?

Besides the wonderful ambience that they help to create, dimmers also benefit through energy efficiency and longer life of lighting.

  • Energy efficiency - By dimming your LED lights, you will see significant energy savings on your power bill because you will use fewer watts when your lights are dimmed.
  • Longer life of light fixtures - This is not true of all lights, but you can often increase the life of the light fixture by dimming the lights because less heat is created.



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